Special thanks to flaticon.com authors

When creating a theme, all the icons were taken from the flaticon.com.

According to the rules of the flaticon.com, the team working on "Old School" must credit the author.

Flaticon.com rules:

"Free member: you must add a link to Flaticon and credit the author in exchange for using the icons. To credit the author, you must use "Designed by Flaticon" in case the icons were made by Flaticon, or the author's name in other case"

Crediting the authors

All icons in the theme are not represented as the main elements of the theme, but as secondary ones.

We apologize, but to prevent this page from becoming a spam page, we indicated that all the links were downloaded for free from the "flaticon.com" website, and in the table below we provide a link to the author's page on each icon on "flaticon.com"

All icons was downloaded from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY